The CEO, Sundream Group, backed by the extensive experience of 16 years is known for his industry acumen & strategic planning and has a strong belief in the philosophy ‘Customer is king’.


Harsh Gupta, with his true belief in self-empowerment and self-confidence has astound presence as a role model for people. He can be seen as a Business Coach and Life Coach, as true reflections of his life

Business Coach

Having done bachelors in International Business from one of the leading institutions in India, Harsh Gupta over a period of time has developed his niche, taking the reign of Sundream Group ahead. As the underlying principles of his life, he believes in altruism as the way of doing business and supports and advice other businesses to achieve greater heights.

Life Coach

Harsh Gupta believes in the power of self-belief and self-confidence. Counsellor to many, he focuses on boosting one’s belief in self, enabling them to understand, recognise and overcome the obstacles in life. He is a confidant to many of his friends and mentees. It is his rich knowledge and wisdom that he has gained through plush experiences and learning, that enables him to empower those who attend his life coaching sessions or take coaching from him.


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A known name in the field of Real Estate, Harsh Gupta, CEO, Sundream Group is backed by the extensive experience of 16 years. With bachelors in International Business, Harsh is known for his industry acumen and strategic planning. With a firm belief in the philosophy ‘Customer is king’, most of Harsh’s decisions are inspired by the principles of customer satisfaction and value for money propositions.

Harsh Gupta

CEO, Sundream Group

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