Harsh Gupta - Professional & Life Coach

A known name in the field of Real Estate, Harsh Gupta, CEO, Sundream Group is backed by the extensive experience of 16 years. With bachelors in International Business, Harsh is known for his industry acumen and strategic planning. With a firm belief in the philosophy ‘Customer is king’, most of Harsh’s decisions are inspired by the principles of customer satisfaction and value for money propositions. 

A reliable advisor to many of his friends and people in his circle, Harsh is a Life Coach as well, encouraging and empowering people on a plethora of personal and professional fronts. As put forward by him, he drives his energy from three ‘D’s: Dedication, Devotion and Determination. Apart from being a successful Real-Estate business group CEO, Harsh strongly supports and believes in women empowerment and education for children. He has been working with Lakshyam, to promote financial independence amongst poor women.

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