Leading the legacy of Sundream Group, Harsh Gupta has empowered the group in more ways than anyone can think of. With an extensive array of businesses under his immaculate leadership, he strives to ensure quality delivery and the utmost level of customer satisfaction in each one of them. Though it’s not just about doing business for Harsh Gupta, it is his passion that empowers him. 

Leading Areas of Businesses Led by Harsh Gupta

Real Estate

With numerous real estate projects in execution, Anthurium in Sector 73, Noida is the latest offering by Sundream Group. Anthurium is yet another example of the futuristic vision and strong business acumen Harsh possess, creating an asset that would help the group thrive, and would meet the needs of the future customers. Every real estate project that is executed under the able leadership of Harsh Gupta is delivered upto the mark, each creating its own benchmark in the industry. Sundream Group has delivered numerous Business IT Parks, Malls, Group Housing projects or Commercial Parks. The current list of projects include Anthurium (Sector 73, Noida), as stated above, I-Thum (Sector 62, Noida) and Caladium (in Sector 109, Gurgaon).

Construction & Infrastructure Services

Sundream group believes in empowering projects and quality execution, and, i.e. where they provide turnkey solutions for other construction projects for private as well public players. A true example of altruism: Harsh Gupta believes in enabling others, and working towards collaborative growth. An integrated ecosystem, contributing towards the modernisation of the country and its infrastructures. The local offices of the group, act to its advantage, primarily for its customers, by enabling easy local presence and broad geographical outreach.


Catering to a wide array of services’ spectrum, Sundream Group has enabled the government to realise their welfare goals, as tangible structures and assets for the country. With projects ranging from turnkey solution for LMRC (Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation), to building specific stations for DMRC (Delhi Metro Railway Corporation) and Rapid Metro Gurgaon. The Sundream group is also responsible for its outstanding work in the development of Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation.

Construction & Architectural Products

Sundream Group also offers an array of world-class products that are manufactured under the strict adherence of global standards and regulations:

  • Canon Fasteners
  • Tunnel Segment Bolts
  • False Ceilings
  • False Floors
  • Stainless Steel Tactiles
  • Stainless Steel Composite Panels
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