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Anthurium Business Park in Noida is designed by keeping the specific office needs of the workforce in mind. It is a commercial space built for the next generation, and at par with the Digital India campaign. It is known for its splendid cum state-of-the-art infrastructure and is equipped with the latest technology, housing AI-ready infrastructure to aid the next-generation workforce.


Located in sector 73 of Noida, Anthurium offers exclusive AI-ready commercial office spaces that are built after in-depth research and study of the next-gen’s requisites for an office space. It will take only 2 minutes from the Sector 52, Noida Metro station to reach Anthurium. Be it a BPO, KPO or an MNC, Anthurium has a place for everyone in its premises. You can also create your personalized workspace within.


If you are looking for a commercial retail space that generates the value of an asset then you have come to the right place. Mr Harsh Gupta and his team left no stone unturned in making Anthurium Business Park, a perfect place for businesses and investors. Be it a high-end retail shop, cafe or a showroom for a renowned brand, Anthurium offers the best commercial retail spaces in Noida.


Anthurium Business Park is a one-stop destination for all your business needs. It offers a convention centre that has premier and bespoke facilities with excellent features and is well equipped with all kinds of modern technologies thus making it the perfect space for different kinds of events.


With the aim of providing answers to all business problems, Mr Harsh Gupta came with an idea of creating co-working workspaces in Noida that offer flexible workspace solutions including private offices, managerial cabins, open workstations, meeting rooms, and flexible seating options.


Its splendid roof-top restaurants and bars maintain a perfect balance between work and rejuvenation, thus making Anthurium one of the best commercial office spaces in Noida.


It is always believed that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, therefore, Anthurium Noida offers yoga, spa, fitness, and rejuvenation centre that help you achieve fitness goals within the workplace.

Bionic Bioclimatic Architecture

Anthurium business park embarks a Platinum rated Green Building with Bee and Griha, and a Bionic Bioclimatic Architecture to balance the environment within the building. The architecture concerns itself with the climate as a major contextual generator and is designed with benign environment using minimal energy.

Level 5 Building Management System

The majestic building of Anthurium business park follows the level 5 BMS regulations to control the building's electrical and mechanical equipment including lighting, fire systems, power systems, ventilation and security systems.

Hi-Tech Security

Equipped with the highly advanced security system, Anthurium Business Park Noida provides you with the most secure environment for business and the staff. The building is 100 % friendly complex as per the IHAs standard with the best CCTV and surveillance system.

Amalgamation of Business and Pleasure

You can find premium retail shops and hassle-free access to common areas in the building. Here you will find the best-integrated environment to enjoy a meeting with your friends and closed ones, shop from reputed brands and work in offices with high-class interiors. So overall, you will have an awesome amalgamation of business and pleasure.

Mechanical Parkings

Our automated stack, multilevel parking systems offer mechanical car parking services for users. Best use of space with our mechanical car parking system where cars are retrieved by using pallets and lifts. It thus eliminates the requirement for lengthy driveways and ramps, accommodating maximum cars in minimum space.

VRV and High speed Lifts

Anthurium Noida is equipped with high-speed lifts, 100% back-up power, and VRV air-conditioning system for energy efficiency.

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