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Sundream Group is one of the renowned integrated infrastructure and construction service providers in India. We have been building, constructing and developing, your dream infrastructures for the last five decades, and offer a wide range of architectural products and construction services to meet all the needs of their clients. At Sundream, our team assures you of the utmost satisfaction in quality, timeliness, safety and superior service solutions.

Our Services

Real Estate Developers

With a wealth of experience in construction, Sundream Group has earned trust and credibility in the real estate market due to its transparent dealings & track record of satisfied clients. With continuous efforts, the Sundream Group has now become an integrated infrastructure and construction company.

Construction and Infrastructure Services

Be it a commercial infrastructure, residential infrastructure or industrial infrastructure, Sundream Group offers a one-stop solution for all your needs. India’s Preferred Metro Builders Sundream Group has worked with the government on designing and constructing many high-profile metro projects inclusive of the DMRC, LMRC, JMRC, and rapid metro in Gurgaon. Apart from that, Sundream Group has constructed some of the high-profile Business parks like The Corenthum, I-Thum, and Anthurium.

Our Products

Anchor Fasteners

Sundream Group provides consistent quality anchor fasteners with high precision to suit your requirements. We offer a wide range of industrial fasteners such as tunnel segment bolts, nuts, socket products, false ceilings, and screws, etc.

Tunnel Segment Bolts

Canon Fasteners as a manufacturer has an expertise in the manufacturing and moulding of products for the international tunnelling industry providing a comprehensive range of tunnelling bolts and plastic fittings such as plugs, dowels, bolt sockets, and valves to the contractors.

False Ceilings

We have decades of experience in the manufacturing and construction industry and we are known for providing complete solutions from guidance, free assessments to custom made supply and fixing of ceiling systems.

False Floors

Our unique false flooring system is cost-effective and environment-friendly. Our false floors are available in various sizes and styles, which provide a classy and modern look to the floors. These false floors provide a safe and healthy work atmosphere by covering HVAC, voice, power and data cabling under the floor, thus ensuring the safety of your commercial space.

Stainless Steel Tactiles

At Sundream Group, we offer a wide range of different Stainless Steel Tactile designs that are specifically designed to meet the clients’ demands. Ceiling, benches, railing, cladding, distinct structures, and hardware accessories, etc. are the products that we offer in this category.

Stainless Steel Composite Panels

Our stainless steel composite panels are flat, rigid, corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant and are widely used for exterior as well as interior cladding for canopies, elevators, columns, escalators and retrofit applications.

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